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May 16, 2013
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Pantheon paced back and forth, waiting in the courtyard like he always did. However, something was giving him emotional turmoil, and he didn't appreciate the thought of being made to wait.

...But what if something had happened to her?

Pantheon stopped in his tracks with a sigh. No, it was Leona, and she had tendancies to make it out alright, no matter what. So then, why was she late? He puffed up his chest and let out a sigh. Pantheon was worried. That wasn't something he felt on a regular basis... if ever. And so, the pacing began to commence again.

And as he turned on his heels to head the other way, there she was, radiant, and she wasn't wearing her armour like usual. Pantheon had to take a moment to catch his breath. She had pulled her hair back in a loose bun and was wearing a white t-shirt with loose pants and regular shoes.

"Theo?" Leona grinned as she approached him. He caught glimps of her shoulder then, as well as the side of her face. Both were bandaged. He trailed his eyes down and a bandage was around her ankle as well. He narrowed his eyes at her behind his helmet.

"You're injured." He merely stated. She chuckled, rubbing the back of her neck and opening her mouth to reply, but he stepped forward and asked another. "Is that what took you so long?" She looked up at him, her smile wavering.

"Theo, I'm fine, really. I apologize for my tardiness." She sighed before giving him a smile. "Shall we go? You said something about a surprise?"

"...Of course." He said, turning and beginning to lead the way. Leona followed diligently. Pantheon wanted nothing more than to figure out for himself what his connection was to Leona. He couldn't keep himself away from her. He knew they were friends, in a strange sense of what "friends" meant, being League of Legends Champions. They were... content with each other's company. And yet he had the yurning for her hand to be in his while they walked.

He shook it off, speeding up a little.

"Theo!" Leona chuckled. "Hey, slow down!" He instantly stopped and turned to her. "What's the matter, my friend?" She titled her head slightly, and a strand of her long brown hair fell out. He took a moment to take in a nice, deep breath before approaching her.

"Nothing... Leona." He said before tucking the strand behind her ear. She blinked, looking up into the helmet and trying to catch of glimpse of his face, to enlighten herself on what his actions meant. Thank god helmets hid anything from plain sight. He was lit up like a fireworks celebration. He cleared his throat. "Shall we continue?" She grinned, pulling at the strand he had safely tucked away and blushed.

"Y-yes." She said. Pantheon turned around slowly, to make sure he had seen a true blush, and wondered what that meant. He continued to lead her, the silence deafening to Pantheon's ears as he led her to a spot just outside the city based closely to Mount Targon.

"Pantheon..." She said, closing the gap between them and stepping to his side as they walked along. "When do i get to see the face of the man underneath?" She asked. He was silent, though his head tilted downward. It was something she asked at least once every meeting they had. Everytime, he seemed to brush it off, claiming "next time" would be the time. She looked a little defeated. "I see..."

"Leona, I don't do personal things." He said gently. Her interests were peeked. "I haven't taken my helmet away for anyone but myself. I fear for what i may look like to others, and how it may effect me in the battlefield." He sighed, looking to her. "I would like to discuss something important with you." He said, motioning to a tree he had been leading her to all this time. It was giant, and the sunlight shone through the leaves and decorated the grass underneath in intriquit patterns. She blinked. He went directly to the trunk while she took a moment to just bask in the lights. He watched her do so. She had always looked dazzling in the sun, as she always would. He sat down and she finally joined him, sitting next to him.

"What is it you'd like to discuss with me?" She asked, looking up at him. He easily gazed down at her, peering into her face, although, it was not hard for his eyes to linger down that lowcut shirt of hers...

"Uh, yes, well..." He cleared his throat and shifted his eyes back up. "Leona, i've begun to think that i've grown soft." He stated. She giggled at this for a moment. "What?"

"You? Soft? Oh, please." She grinned, tapping his armour. "Never, not my Pantheon." She grinned. He took a breath, as he had many times before between their meeting. Her words struck him in a weird place, that made him happy and pained him all at once.

"I've begun to stray from defeating all of my enemies." He continued with a clearing of his throat... again. "My mind has lately been preoccupied with other thoughts, and i find it has been increasingly harder to... concentrate." He chose his words carefully. Her expression changed into something of concern, as well as confusion.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"I believe so." He nodded. "Although, tell me... Leo." he chuckled. "You asked me when you would see me.. underneath." Her eyes widened slightly.


"I have something to ask of you, then..." He trailed off, letting his hand scoot through the grass until his finger lay across hers. She blinked down at the gesture, and looked up at him, blushing again. The look she gave him made his heart race, and he felt confused about it. He gulped.

"Go on." She said quietly. He nodded slightly.

"Why do we linger outside of the League?" He asked. She blinked, tilting her head gently, as if the answer was obvious. "I mean... We're very friendly with each other, aren't we? We seem comfortable, considering we could get paired opposingly at any time..." He rambled slightly.

"Theo, i don't think i understand what you're trying to say." She chuckled slighlty. He took in a good breath and stuck a finger at the lip of his helmet.

"What I'm trying to say... is..." He said, lifting it slowly. He noticed her breath had caught at the sight of him doing something rather unspeakable. "I would like the chance to put all my trust in you, Leona." He stopped, his finger quivering under the weight of his helmet, and the pressure. "I also wish to... When we walk places, I..." He stumbled over his words and Leona blushed. He stared at her for a moment, and she lifted her free hand to his helmet.

"I... understand what kind of trust you place on me with showing me you're secret." She nodded. "And, i would like to hold you're hand when we walk... as well." She said, lifting the helmet gently. The truth in her words shocked him slightly, but he could not move as she pushed the helmet further. Her soft hands brushed across his cheeks, which he felt had not been touched in years. He shut his eyes tightly as she made it to his nose. What he hadn't noticed was she had gotten closer to him, until he felt her leg on his hand. He shot his eyes open to see her right in front of him. Right there, close enough to breath on her, and he mostly likely was, with they way he was panting.

"Leo..." He breathed.

"If it's any consolation..." She said quietly. "You're lower face is very... masculine." She grinned slightly. He lifted his hand to her face, stroking her cheek with his thumb, before pulling her chin towards his. Their lips met very softly, and Pantheon made an effort to stay upright. Leona's warmth was equivilent to the sun, and she was as soft as the day. She leaned into him, giving the kiss a deeper meaning as she pulled the helmet away completely. He had hardly noticed until she pulled away to stare at him.

Her eyes danced over his face, and he had a breif moment of panic, waiting what seemed like forever for her to reject him completely. She ran her fingers through his soft brown hair and looked into his eyes with a smile.

"Were you worried women would start DROOLING over you instead of FEARING you without that helmet!?" She exclaimed. He was shocked by her question, but after a moment, it put a smile to his face.

"Somehow i knew you would say something sarcastic." He held her waste, leaning up to kiss her again, and she sighed into his lips.

"Oh, Pantheon..." She chuckled. "In what way would you think i would ever reject you as my friend?" She nuzzled his nose with hers. "You have treated me with such respect, inside, and outside the battlefield. I always expect your best, as you do mine. Discrimination does not come to your kind, because fighting all kinds is what you yern for. And i have always admired you for your lack of caring." She laughed. He chuckled alongside her. "Except for... maybe in this case." She grinned. He couldn't stop breathing heavily at her words, every syllable giving him comfort and hope.

"Leo... I have always given care to you, but that doesn't mean I'm going to baby you." He smirked. "I know, if anyone can take care of herself, that is you. Goddess of the sun..." He breathed the last part, taking her breath away with a kiss. He would find a way to fuel his passion for fighting with his passion for this new feeling arising in the pit of his stomach.

He enjoyed her company, more than he would admit now than ever.
So, i did a thing...

Yes, i started writing fanfics based off of the MOBA game League of Legends (LoL). I COULDNT HELP IT THOUGH, DONT JUDGE.

Anyway, i tried to get it to the lore as close as possible, but obviously, some things are going to be off... (considering Panth is a lean, mean, killing machine). I hope you guys enjoy it!!
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LeaugeLoveLeluMika Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  New member
This is an amazing story, i got to the end and thought i really wanna read more!
Saukra13sasukelover Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! Im really glad you enjoy it! I have upcoming plans for leo and panth. >=D
LeaugeLoveLeluMika Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  New member
That is awesome! I really cant wait!!!!!
Angel-Dragonheart Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
You know Panth and Leona are from the same village right?  This is very adorable though X33
Saukra13sasukelover Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
........SHHHH. lol. Yeah, i realized that after writing it. Oh weeeeell.
Angel-Dragonheart Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
Well a lot of what you are writing is pretty accurate.  I'm trying to write my own League fic though it involves more interaction between the Summoners and Champions,  and a sort of cross over of how the Champs/Summoners behave and what not.  Like say if MF laughs I would in turn laugh as well (my friend often says in games "This Missy F finds everything funny") X33
Saukra13sasukelover Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That sounds pretty cool! You'll have to keep me updated. =D
LittleRenegade Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
I was looking at some pantheon pictures when I came across this. I love it. This piece of writing has led me to a few things:

1. I'm going to play pantheon more again
2. I'm going to save up for leona and main her as a support (even though she's a good support anyway)
3. I ship this even harder now

I really like this. Made my night I suppose
Saukra13sasukelover Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so glad i could inspire you!! I love this pairing myself. So much ship, ITS DUMB.

You should definitely carry Pantheon, and you should support hard with Leona stuns (OP), and you should definitely add me!

HextechZydrate is the name! League is the game!
LittleRenegade Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Sadly, I'm on the OCE server so...yeah. You're probably on NA or something like that, so yeah, it's a bummer that I can't.
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